Goi tech's press and die casting mold systems bring out the best an mechanical properties alloy is capable of possessing. Research and development at Goitech is continuously widening the gap between our proprietary system and all other casting processes.
Our process can be used to cast a continually expanding range of permanent mold, magnesium and special purpose alloys developed at Goitech. The process allows modifiers to be effectively employed to alter the grain structure of the casting, resulting in greater strength or other desired characteristics. Alloy development and enhancement of the casting process are primary activities in our materials lab.
Goi tech has modified aluminum to meet our customers' needs where market alloys cannot. We have also tailored heat treating processes to meet special requirements. Careful, continuous study of casting science shows us how to improve our methods and ultimately our product.

  • Technical on-site product design assistance for aluminum and magnesium castings
  • Mold flow process simulation, thermal analysis and finite element analysis with the latest 3-D CAD software
  • Prototype models built with the Fused Deposition Modeling technique
  • Production tooling built with CNC machines by in-house full capability large tooling facility
  • Production intent and prototype tooling built in 3 to 5 week time frame
  • Production tools are built with premium grade materials, produced using CNC machines and verified with CMMs prior to initial casting.
  • Program managers directly assigned to each customer's project for up-to-minute timing and follow though from beginning to end
  • Tool engineers to ensure specifications and dimensional criteria are met to the customer's requirements
  • Design engineers with the latest CAD technologies to design both product and tooling for the customer's specification in accordance with Goitech engineering specifications and requirements