Our production system and processing are approved by ISO 9001 certification, which leads to customer satisfaction through our quality-priority management.
We, Goi tech will do best in order to make more trustful relationships with our customers, more forcefully concentrating our energy and our financial on controlling of our products quality, training and educating our personnel, We would like to be one of companies sharing a kind of responsibility for promoting welfare in our society, will do our jobs as a specialist in this field by making high value added products of die casting molds, trying to seek partners to merge with and do R&D together.

Goitech creates a list of every production operation and inspection step necessary to ensure 100% acceptability for each part produced. All production and inspection steps are time studied and divided into work sequences that can be accurately performed within the overall cycle time. Managers or teammates can enter time study data and organize the work sequence on-screen. The sequence can be animated for visually reviewing all casting and finishing work within the cell. Standardized work instructions are then prepared, tested and implemented. When complete, the illustrated work instructions are printed in a large display and posted in the work cell at each press